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Nano Stroke $150 / per session

Promotion terms

First time experience only






Make your real face beautiful


Permanent makeup is not makeup

Take care of your "atmosphere"


Considering your bone structure and facial features

Without being bound by trends, we can help you see your true face more clearly.


We will help you become more beautiful​.

Not just another pretty face. Your pretty face.


Permanent makeup: the beautiful alternative to conventional cosmetics.

Permanent makeup is mapped to your unique facial features, bone structure, and aura. I use the art of permanent makeup tattooing to capture and express your best self, so whatever the cosmetics fashion of the moment, you will always look great.



Studied under Fumiyo Chihara since 2002. Started working as a permanent makeup artist. Opened a specialized salon maicastudio in Shinsaibashi, Osaka. . In 2018, he moved to the United States alone to study technology not only in Japan but also in Taiwan, South Korea, and the United States. Active as Maica Brow in San Diego, California

Currently in Japan, he is a director of JAMS (Japan Cosmetic Tattoo Association) and a certified instructor.As a mission, she is working on activities to improve the status of permanent makeup in Japan and on nurturing artists.


Trainer of Japan medical art academy
Directer of Japan artmake society
2018IPSN International Beauty Contest JUDG

2018韓国IPSN アートメイク世界

麗嘉国際plbrow(Microblading /Taiwan)

CLEO (Korea), DeluxBrow (USA)
Phi( LIP
),J URBAN (deisin/ Korea)

Nature brow(Nano/ Vietnam)

Started my career as an art makeup artist in 2002, and opened my specialized salon, maicastudio, in Osaka's Shinsaibashi. Subsequently, I pursued technical research not only in Japan but also in Taiwan, Korea, and the United States. In 2018, I moved to California, San Diego, and have been active as Maica Brow. Additionally, I work as the U.S. representative for Korea's CLEO, conducting educational activities in both Japan and the United States.

Currently, I serve as a board member and certified instructor for JAMS (Japan Association of Micropigmentation), dedicating efforts to legislative activities aimed at elevating the status of art makeup in Japan and fostering artists' development.




Not include toch-up


TOUCH-UP $200(within 8weeks) 

​A technique of carefully digging out each hair one by one so that real hair can grow. There are many different fur designs. We will propose designs that utilize our experience in both Asia and America.


Not include toch-up


TOUCH-UP $250(within 8weeks) 

maica's best technique. It creates gentle eyebrows that look like they were drawn with fluffy powder. This is a "blur" technique that has been cherished in Japan for a long time. ​It is also possible to make the outline clear and give it a sharp, European style.


Not include toch-up


TOUCH-UP $200(within 8weeks) 

TENGIRI "Point Mist" is a technique that causes less damage to the skin, prevents scabs, and requires less downtime. This technique has the highest rate of color retention, and the finish is POWDERBROW. Although there are individual differences and differences in the color used, most of the color is achieved with just one treatment and lasts for a long time. Recommended menu: For people who don't want to get dark eyebrows

TENGIRI technique has the lowest impact on the skin. You will hardly have any downtime. It looks like a Powder brow.


Not include toch-up



It fills the gap between eyelashes and enhances the presence of your eyes. Rest assured that this treatment will minimize pain and swelling. You can choose either a line that looks like it was drawn with liquid or a line that looks like it was drawn with a huge pencil

​+Under Eyeliner  $100


Not include toch-up



A secretly popular lipstick among maica regulars. Your complexion will become a lot brighter and you will be able to use just a clear lip balm. The finish looks natural so no one will notice.







Before treatmentpromise

  • ​Please avoid chemical treatments such as peeling and Botox within one month of receiving the treatment.

  • ​Please avoid consuming alcohol or alcohol on the day before or on the day of the event.

  • Make sure to stay hydrated and get enough sleep

  • Please avoid making your reservation during your menstrual period.

  • If you have any allergies to pigments or metals, please let us know in advance so we can perform a patch test.

  • Please do not take aspirin, niacin, vitamin E or ibuprofen within 24 hours before your procedure.

  • Please refrain from using Retin A or AHA products for two weeks before your treatment.

  • Treatment 3Make sure to exfoliate with a scrub before the day.

Preparation before treatment (EYEBROW. LIPS)

About a week in advance, moisturize with Vaseline or other balm, and remove dead skin cells with an exfoliating scrub on the same day or the day before. Please leave.

We may refuse your treatment.

  • People with poor skin condition due to extreme dryness or eczema

  • Those with extremely thin skin

  • People with keloid constitution

  • Those who are pregnant or breastfeeding

  • Diabetes, heart disease, fluid-infectious diseases (HIV, hepatitis, etc.)), those who are taking medicines that improve blood flow

  • Those who have developed an allergic reaction to anesthesia in the past

  • ​Mental instability/irritability/extreme nervousness

People with chronic illnesses who are worried about undergoing treatment

We cannot make any judgments here, so please consult your doctor at the hospital and make your own decisions.

​Please note that we cannot be held responsible under any circumstances.


Promise after treatment

  • ​It is okay to wash your face on the day of the treatment, but please avoid the affected area and avoid bathing for a long time.

  • For microblading, avoid soaking your face in water for 42 hours.

  • ​Same dayPlease avoid drinking alcohol.

  • You may wear make-up, but please avoid the treatment area.

  • Please keep the treated area clean and moisturize with after cream.

  • During the recovery process of the treated area, it may be itchy, but please refrain from scratching or rubbing it.

  • Please avoid swimming pools, hot springs, saunas, and strenuous exercise for about one week after treatment.

  • Please avoid the treated area when peeling after treatment. Color fading may occur faster due to metabolism.

MAICA's Permanent makeup

Our goal is to create the most natural eyebrows by valuing our customers personal style. We take into consideration facial features, muscle movements, and customer preference. As well as additional preferences at the time of counseling. There are unique differences in the final product depending on the skin quality and environment such as color retention period, color development, and degree of fixation. Therefore, it is usually completed in 2 procedures, however, it may be more than that in some cases. We design for symmetry but since the face is dynamic, it is impossible to make it completely symmetrical. Additionally the duration of the treatment varies depending on the individual. A guideline is 6 months to 2 years. We cannot be held responsible for reactions such as sudden diseases, allergies, rashes, etc. that have not been reported in advance. Please read and understand all the treatment requirements for before and after your appointment.

MAICAPermanent makeup is....

We value the atmosphere our customers have the most.”Beautiful We aim to create eyebrows that are not too beautiful.

We will take into consideration your facial features, muscle movements, and your preferences, so please discuss this with us during your consultation.

There are individual differences in color retention period, color development, degree of fixation, etc. depending on skin type and environment. Therefore, it is usually completed in two treatments, but please note that in some cases it may take longer.

We will design the face to be symmetrical based on the skeleton, but since the face changes daily due to facial muscles, muscle habits may vary.toIt is impossible to achieve more perfect symmetry.

The duration varies greatly from person to person. The recommended period is 6 months to 2 years.

We cannot be held responsible for sudden illnesses, allergies, rashes, etc. that have not been reported in advance.

Please read and understand all of the above promises before and after the treatment.



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San Diego 92126


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